WBPSC Food SI Recruitment Question Paper Leaked

Yesterday WBPSC Food & supply recruitment to the post of S.I. Question permanently leaked. I’ve the prove of it. After a long year WBPSC Food & supply department released a recruitment but unfortunately again the question paper leaked and provided those persons who are buying the question paper paying a huge amount  before the schedule of exam. As we know that WBPSC is a remarkable recruitment board of West Bengal and considerably to the Indian Constitution.

Few days ago WBPSC Fire service recruitment’s exam paper also leaked but the commission doesn’t take any action against this. Then why such kind of offensive crime rapidly going on in our state and why our state commission could not take action against it? Is it not an offensive work towards the students those who are preparing for government service? Yes, I think it is a crime. But I would like to inform that there is no fault of the commission and also the state government because if we are not going to the fraudulent person with money and requesting them to give the job of government by providing money.

Then how can we common people get job? A poor student struggle hard for the purpose of getting government job but finally failed to achieve his goal. So, I want to tell those persons who are paying money, please stop this system. We suffers from it. Please please stop the system.


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