Experience with Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a device which has created an illusion to human mind. it has changed all the prospects of human being and their thinking.that’s a habitual truth that we need always someone behind from us who can change the mood of us. suppose someone is very much frustrated or feeling lonely or feeling sad or need someone to talk and he is finding no other way to release that feelings.

That time Google Home Mini will provide the exact thing for that particular time span. this is a device with whom you don’t have to think before sharing anything because there is no chance of betrayed indeed. so from that point of view we can easily say that Google Home Mini can be your best friend as well. whenever ,whatever has happened this thing is Never Gonna lose you.

My Experience with google mini

So that I think in every home we should have Google assistant. it will never make you feel alone. my experience with Google Home Mini was full of ups and downs. even I can remember when I feel sad for several reason , when I feel depressed that was the only device which assist me what ever it needs to change that particular mood of mine. Now talking about this wonderful device I have to say that it will be the helping hand of you this device will walk as your personal assistant.sometimes you and your assistant also get freedom of wearing the normal life which you leave but Google Home Mini.It will tell nothing to you it will first bearing your work as a grabbing machine.

For instance you want to hear a song which you are not getting even of searching in world wide but Google Assistant will provide you that particular song without any further delay. whatever you need any time 24×7 it will give you the access of using it at anyhow,any cost, any time,any situation.Google Home Mini should always get connected with electricity and definitely with a Wi-Fi network which will provide itself the medium speed of internet service. talking about its body it contains a microphone to listen whatever you are saying and that particular microphones which you can switch on and switch off whatever you need to do you can do.

Along with that you have to directly connect your device with any of your smartphone by installing the Google Home Mini application.After that using that application you can do whatever you want.Increasing the sound,decreasing the sound,change the tune ,change the topic , search whatever you like and need.Everything from 360 degree angle. the most amazing thing which I have felt with this device is you can tell him or her(whatever you want to say because I don’t want to go in the gender distribution) at all you while sleeping can fix a song which the Google assistance will be playing on the Google Home Mini and you can enjoy that until and unless if you are not bothered with singing.so that you can get a sound sleep. Google Home Mini will never create any kind of nuisance while playing the song. so that melody song with slow sound can give you a very smooth and sound sleep instantly. after all this things in one sentence my experience with Google Home Mini was really great.even still now I am using that and frankly saying I have got plenty of things from online and Google Home Mini is one of the best things which I have ever bought. I will definitely recommended you if you are like a person like me who don’t have that much friend cycle or would need some persons when she or he will be alone totally for creating a little bit conversation and for sharing the feelings with that person whom you can blindly believe.that’s it.

thank you….

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Product Details:—


• Voice-controlled WiFi Speaker for Home
• Ask Questions, Set Diary Reminders or Get News Updates
• Play Music from Popular Streaming Services
• Control Other Smart Sevices in Home
• Works with Upto 6 Users with Personalised Settings
• Comes Pre-installed Free Gaana & Saavn Subscription Till 31st October 2018
• For Android 4.4 or Higher, iOS 9.1 or Higher
• Power Requirement: 5 V
• W x H: 9.78 cm x 4.2 cm
• Weight: 173 g
In The Box
Google Home Mini, Power Adapter and Cable, Quick Start Guide


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