BMW unveils self-driving two wheeler concept with a dashing looks

German multinational company BMW is currently producing luxury automobiles and motorcycles.Along with this they also produced aircraft engines since 1945. The company was founded in 1916 and has its headquarters in Munich, Bavaria.currently they have started their way to self driving two wheeler.

BMW had began their production of motorcycle engines and then motorcycles after World War I had ended. Its motorcycle brand is known as BMW Motorrad. just similar like the other success stories their first successful motorcycle after the failed Helios and Flink, was the “R32” in 1923, though production originally began in 1921.This came with a “boxer” twin engine, in which a cylinder projects into the air-flow from each side of the machine.Along with their single-cylinder models (based on the same pattern), all their motorcycles which has manufactured had been using the distinctive layout until the early 1980s. Many BMW’s are still produced in this layout, which is designated the R Series and has been selling high costed with a antic looks.

In 2004 it added an high capacity to 1,170 cc and enhanced performance to 100 hp (75 kW) for the R1200GS,in comperto 85 hp (63 kW) of the previous R1150GS. More powerful variants of the oilhead engines are available in the R1100S and R1200S, producing 98 and 122 hp (73 and 91 kW), respectively.

Self-driving concept:–

BMW has unveiled a self-driving bike concept that not only drives on its own but can also start off, lean into turns and deploys the kickstand without human intervention. Based on BMW R 1200 GS bike, the concept is a test bed for improving rider safety. It will help BMW bikes determine if a situation is dangerous in the future.

with hand to hand with today’s world BMW has made a motorcycle that “rides” itself, and it’s … well, it’s creepy. We’ve all seen autonomous cars before, but this riderless bike is on another level indeed.Not only it take off but lean into turns and even deploy the kickstand as it comes to a stop. It’s mesmerizing.
would ever waste its time developing an autonomous motorcycle. Well, there’s an great answer for that. BMW claims that it’s all about safety and increasing its understanding of a bike’s dynamics abd its unimaginable capability. Once it’s able to classify and identify a rider’s behavior on a bike, in future BMW motorcycle might be able to determine if a situation is dangerous before the rider even feel it. Once assessed, the bike could “inform, warn or intervene directly,” says Stefan Hans, a Motorrad safety engineer.Motorcycle driving assistance systems lag behind what is offered on four-wheel vehicle transportation these days. This project is for 2 years.This was designed for further development in that area, but not to create an autonomous motorcycle for production, Motorrad says. Still, it’s pretty incredible and could e a very new dimention of what BMW was able to accomplish with its R1200GS riding around robo-cycle style.Even tech like adaptive cruise control or lane-keeping assist isn’t too far away from those riding on two wheels after all.


And those self driving concept is creating a projection of a new generation and new capable dimension of transportation.That the human Civilization has never experienced before. as you know that every new thing has some pros and cons so definitely this self-driving concept have its own pros and cons.As because it will be totally dependent on the system in very particularly the AI (artificial intelligence) sothat it will be too much secure and accurate but still as we know its not equal to a human being so problems or mistakes can be seen.Thats why BMW has to work on that which can give the 99.99% security to their Riders for a safety riding experience.Except of that it’s going to be the new dimension of driving , a new concept of riding and a new way to transport.


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