Best Low Budget Restaurants in Kolkata, You Might Not Know About

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Well, we all love to eat outside sometimes and have good food. But, not always our wallets overflow with money. Sometimes, we refrain ourselves from going out and having great food because of tight budget.So, here’s a list of restaurants you might like if your budget is a little tight.

1. Mrs Magpie

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Source : Google Images

Mrs Magpie is a little cozy cafe & bakery located at Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata. This might be the best place to hang around, have breakfast, have one good cup of coffee and to fulfill some sweet tooth cravings. No doubt, you’ll like the ambiance.

2. Wokaholic

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If you’re up for some late hours dining, this restaurant is great. It offers Chinese, Asian and Tibetan. It is located at Loudon Street, Kolkata. The ambiance, too, is pretty good and it lets you customize your food.


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Another restaurant best for lunch and dinner. They have got a reasonable pricing to their great food. This place is located at Southern Avenue, Kolkata. They cuisines offered are Chinese, Asian, Thai and Tibetan.

4. 033

033 Restaurant
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That’s right, folks! That’s the name! The ambiance is amazing and you’re gonna love it when it rains. It’s a multi-cuisine restaurant offering Thai, Italian, Asian, American, Chinese and cafe as well. This restaurant is located at Gariahat, Kolkata.

5. Cafe Coffee O Kobita

Cafe Coffee O Kobita
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To the poetry lovers out there, you’re gonna end up hanging out more often in here because of the poetic atmosphere. The decor is very good. It’s a cafe and the food is great.

6. Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf
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This is a South Indian restaurant located at Lake Market. I won’t say a lot about the ambiance but the food is pretty good.

7. Kopai

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This is an authentic Bengali restaurant. You’re gonna love everything about it, be it food or ambiance.

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