A Journey through “AS YOU THINK” by James Allen | Brief summary

A Journey through
a brief summary of book “As you think” by James

More often than a traditional book,”As You Think” is a process which writer James Allen have experienced throughout his own life.James Allen was born in England and because of family difficulties following his father’s death he had to leave school when he was only 15.Then he worked for several British manufacturers until 1902 when he decided to write full time.He finished his first book “From poverty to power”.He wrote 19 books in all.‘As you think’ is his acknowledged Masterpiece.

Brief journey through this book:-

1) Thoughts and character

The journey starts with beautiful quotes

“whatever you can do or dream you can

begin it—

boldness has genius power and magic

in it. -GOETHE

Thoughts and characters are the first phase of this amazing journey. In this phase we can get to know as a being of power , Intelligence and love we hold the key to every situation and contain within ourselves that transforming and regenerative agency by which we may make ourselve what we will.It also includes an eye opening thought process by which we can understand that at seek shall find to those that knock the door shall be opened for only by patience, practice and ceaseless importantly can we enter the door of the temple of knowledge.

2)The effect of thought on circumstances

The human will,that force unseen, The offspring of a deathless soul, Can hew a way to any goal,
Thought Worlds of granite intervene.

Really those are very very strong lines. The intrinsic meaning of those stanza describes that the human willpower has the strength that it has the unbelievable power to force the unseen. the power of our inner soul have the immense power to conquer and create any way to reach to our ultimate goal , even if there is a Wall of granite.Nothing matters how much strong the obstacle is it’s all about your willpower which can vandalise anything coming on its way to touch the destination.

3)The effect of thoughts on health and the body

On this soul journey we come to know that the body is a delicate and plastic instrument ,

and response readily to the thoughts by which it is impressed.

from here we can understand that if we have a selfless and pure thoughts then that thought can give us a pure health and a very healthy body. the body is the ultimate and the most precious gift and jewellery we have given in our life. so protecting our most precious thing we need a wall of pure thoughts.

4) Thought & purpose

Thought allied fearlessly to purpose become creative force………

This single line has some innumerous power in itself which can stir the entire world and that is the power of spirituality.There is a little mistake on that line , actually this line has been revolutionaring the world since the beginning. we have seen a lots of people who have some great plans and ideas but never ever can implement it in reality.The difference is action. people can think and plan but they feel too much afraid while it comes to be in action.So that when your thoughts , your ideas and your plans will connect fearlessly with your purpose or action then the ultimate goal is nothing but a couple of time to reach.

5) Thought as a factor in achievement

“All achievements, weather in the business, intellectual or spiritual world are the result of definitely directed thoughts……”

Here on the 5th phase of the journey we come face to face with an another revolutionize experience as well as truth.This quotes has implemented the fundamental basis and the unimaginable power of thought process.It is the thought process which can achieve anything whether it is business, whether it is knowledge intellectual or in the world of spirituality.

It says ,”As you think,so you are; as you continue to think, so you remain”.

“Those who would accomplish Little must sacrifice little…

Those who would achieve much must sacrifice much….

Those who would attain highly must sacrifice greatly.”

6) visions and ideas

“Those who cherish a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in their heart will one day realise it”.

It has been seen from the beginning that

“The Dreamers are the Saviour of the world.”

so cherish your vision; cherish your ideal; cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your finest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment; of those, if you remain true to them, your world will at least be build.

7) serenity

“The more tranquil we become, the greater is Our success ,our influence, our power for good”.

Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewellery of Wisdom.That is the reason strong calm people are always loved and rewarded.They are like shade-giving trees in a Trusty land or a sheltering rock in a storm.

At the ending, the writer says~

Say to your heart,” peace, be still!”…..

This book has made a deep remark and revolutionary change in my thought process .I now can think more freely with open minded.I can feel the control and positive change..My advice to all my readers will be,”Read this book ,else you will miss a lot .Can assure you a little investment could be the biggest profit for you. Afterall it thought which matters”.

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