6 cancer causing foods!You should avoid in daily diet!! -Ruchi Sinha

Food is an essential part of life. However, it is also important to eat the right food in order to live a healthy life. Cancer has emerged as the foremost ailment. There are several reasons attributed to the onset of cancer like smoking, DNA Mutations, genetic predisposition (if it runs in one’s immediate family) and overexposure of UV rays and radiation. We have often heard about cancer-causing foods but know very little about it.

If we know about such foods it will go long way in prolonging life even in cancer-prone person.
Potent source of cancer.

1. Canned foods:-

Everyone likes canned food as they are pre-cooked and easy to eat. After a hard day at office canned food comes in handy. It is good in taste but has harmful side effects. Most canned foods have BPA linings as it helps in storing food for a longer duration. This, however, has emerged as a leading Cause of cancer. Food stored for a long time in containers may get BPA making it a potent source of cancer.
Vital point- It is a good option to avoid canned food and consume only fresh food. This will lower if not eliminate the risk of cancer.

2. Microwavable popcorn:-

Popcorn is the worlds’ most favourite snack. It is easy to make popcorns at home as you just have to microwave it for a few minutes. Latest research reveals microwavable popcorns bags have a carcinogenic chemical lining. These chemicals are absorbed in popcorns to enhance its buttery flavour. This chemical vents out toxic fumes which can cause cancer.
Vital point- Popcorns are healthy but when it’s made naturally like in movie halls. It is wise to limit your popcorn intake at home.

3. Artificial sweeteners:-

Who doesn’t like desserts and sweet foods due to its taste? Artificial sweetener is used in everything from desserts to drinks. It has been suggested that it doubles the chances of cancer cells grown in the body. It is good to avoid artificial sweetener and opt for natural sugar and sugar enriched fruits.
Vital point- One should eat more fruits like grape and mango. Fruits not only provide essential nutrients and minerals in the body but also fulfils one’s taste bud. It is good to add natural sugar instead of artificial desserts.

4. Processed meat:-

Meat is a nutrient-rich food however it also increases the risk of heart disease and cancer. Processed meat holds excess salt and chemicals to preserve it for a longer time. A new study suggests traces of carcinogens in processed meat allows the growth of cancerous cells in a healthy person.
Vital point- Meat is good in taste but its overconsumption can make one prone to many health ailments like high BP, diabetes and much more. If one wants to have meat its best to eat no processed meat.

5. Alcohol:-

Today drinking is common in today’s society. Be it a birthday or party alcohol is a must drink. However, it is not good for one’s health. One study suggests excessive alcohol consumption may cause cancer. It has been associated with breast, colon, liver and mouth cancer. This makes alcohol grave for health.

Vital point-

It is best to avoid or limit alcohol intake to stay away from cancer.
We though every food is healthy but this has debunked this theory. It is best to limit this food in one’s diet if not stop it. These changes become must if one wants to lead a healthy life sans disease.


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